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W. W. Anderson

I am a retired attorney, presently living in York, Pennsylvania.

In 1968, at a time when I had grown weary of law practice, I attended a series of lectures on Christian Ethics at a church conference on Christian education. Perceiving a connection between my legal training and the study of ethics, I applied to Yale Divinity School where I was admitted as a Research Fellow for the academic year 1970-71. There I was able to study full-time and audit courses in Christian Ethics, New Testament Interpretation, Systematic Theology and other related subjects.

My experience at Yale, however, produced a shift in my attention from Christ, the moral teacher, to Christ, the savior. I began to ponder the question which had always puzzled me - why was it necessary, in God’s scheme of things, for Christ to die on a cross in order for the sins of people to be forgiven? The courses at Yale had not provided an answer. Yet they did provide the kernel for what would later become the stimulus for my theory of the crucifixion: the concept of kenosis - Christ’s emptying of himself, as portrayed in an ancient hymn quoted by Paul in his letter to the Philippians.

After Divinity School, I took a job as an attorney with the Pennsylvania Department of Justice, and continued, in my spare time, to do research in theology and the history of Christian thought, culminating in the writing of this book. In 1983, I returned to the private practice of law, and in 1998, I semi-retired to devote additional time to the book’s completion.In 2002, I retired completely.

I am married, with four children and three grandchildren.

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